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December 16 2012


Rift platinum

In Rift, "platinum" is the highest level of currency. In this post, I will show you getting your hands on it in the easiest way possible!

As Rift is a quite recent game, it is not easy to predict at this stage what is going to and won't be valuable because the Rift economy naturally evolves over time. Something that you may have to say is worthless now can become invaluable down the road, or the other way around.

Easy Platinum in Rift from Materials


As a general rule, at the outset of a MMORPG like Rift, crafted merchandise is generally less valuable than materials. This occurs because in the beginning players will try to outbid one another for various resources to enable them to gain levels, and consequently most craft items will initially be sold confused.

A great technique to prevent involved in this vicious circle is to get all Three of the gathering professions yourself. Which is, "Foraging", "mining" and "butchering". With these professions at hand you may be easily able to get your own materials while you are questing. For those who have no immediate demand for materials you're gathering, a person always has the option to bank them for use or sale down the road amongst people.

As the game progresses, other players will accumulate some spare platinum and will want to start buying up materials.

The need for beginner ores will increase as other players learn to level up their professions.

Making Platinum from Crafting

If you have a very high level craft, you will be able to earn money from your crafts. Otherwise, it will be tough to make any money. Ths issue is the fact that crafters are in constant competition with gear which come in questing.

But when you want to give it a try, you need to give attention to ranged weapons, like guns and bows, two-handed weapons and runes.

Two-handed and ranged weapons don't pop-up frequently in questing, unlike 1-handed weapons which are constantly being upgraded for callings which use use.

Although it is just a green-quality weapon, as a weaponsmith you can craft the Iron Hunting Rifle which you can and then sell on for huge profit. You can fetch as much as 1 platinum for it, especially soon after the initial discharge of the sport.

You can also potentially make a fortune being a Runecrafter as there is no competition from quests. With that said, lots of players may well not want runes themselves since they already get new gear on a regular basis.

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